Central Ventilation Control Module

System overview

The Central Ventilation Control Module, in short CVCM, is purposely designed to control residential or commercial dwellings’ toilets and bathrooms ventilation (exhaust outlets), utilizing single in-line exhaust fan or Heating Recovery Ventilation unit (HRV) exhaust fan. The central ventilation system meets current building regulation requirements to extract minimum 25 l/s of air from toilets, bathrooms and utilities rooms.

System Information
  • Category: Technology
  • Status: Complete
  • Partners: OGL Pty Ltd
  • Date: 1 FEB, 2018
  • Website: www.octalex.com.au

CVCM Features


One system can service air extraction from up to 6 bathrooms. Requires only single air extracting outlet – located on the roof. Central air extraction system compare to multi stand-alone exhaust fans, delivers significant savings on components cost and installation time.

Customer satisfaction

Quiet operation of CVCM (similar to ducted heating), delivers high customer satisfaction – especially for small powder rooms with no windows. When the system is switched off, the built-in delay timer will be activated and ventilation will continue for pre-set time, enhancing the air quality.

Plug & Play Control Module

CVCM control module “plug and play” – delivered with Poka-yoke (mistake proofing) wiring – no wiring modification required during installation – no electrical contractor or special skill labour required.


System high reliability – long life of the system - 10+ years. Suitable for Australian harsh climate environment. Extensive durability system components testing, was conducted in high ambient temperatures, for 250,000 cycles, which equates for estimated 25 years of operation.

Additional Features

System software fuzzy logic provides automatic air and moisture purge from less frequently used rooms, keeping them airy and refreshed. When CVCM is used in conjunction with OGL Saturn 60 AC downlights, no separate switch is required to start ventilation – switching the light ON/OFF automatically switches ON/OFF ventilation – cost saving on electrical wiring, switches and power points on the roof.

Low complexity installation

Simple installation and service process – the same process as for ducting heating – flexible ducts taped to registers, dampers, Y or BTO splitters and in-line exhaust fan.

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