Wireless Intelligent Lighting Control System (WILS)

System overview

Octalex state-of-the-art Wireless Intelligent Lighting Control and Monitoring System (WILS) provides the basis for cutting-edge wireless networking solutions for Smart Lighting solution, but also its application can be extended to other applications like: Smart Energy and the ‘Internet of Things’

WILS encompasses ZigBee-Pro networking protocol and Octalex’s unique hardware and software designs to configure, control, and monitor any lighting system, including Solar Street Lighting luminaries.

Project Information
  • Category: Technology
  • Status: Complete
  • Partners: OLE Sp.z o.o., EXSO Sp. z o.o.
  • Date: 15 Jan, 2014
  • Website: www.octalex.com

WILS Features

Network Configuration

Wireless ZigBee-Pro network comprises set of nodes which are configured in mesh configuration that can communicate with each other by means of radio transmissions, according to a set of routing rules (for passing messages between nodes).


Gateway/Co-ordinator: This is the first node to be started and is responsible for forming the network by allowing other nodes to join the network through it. Router/End Node -Lighting Control module: This is a node with a routing capability, and is also able to send/receive data. It also allows other nodes to join the network through it, so plays a role in extending the network.

Network Size

Numbers of WILS End Control Nodes (ECN modules) to be controlled by single Gateway, will be a project specific, and can vary from 100- 250 ECNs. Numbers of Gateways can work in single Octalex WILS system – as many as system would require to control lights given venue.


Octalex designs and develops Graphic User Interface (GUI) application, specific for each customer’s project, to provide simple and graphical control of given lighting system. Any device which is capable to web browsing can open and run Octalex GUI. WILS lighting system can be controlled locally by Wi-Fi, or remotely by internet.

Network Security

Wireless communication utilizes very high security, 128-bit AES-based encryption system, built into communication of the WILS module. LAN communication between WILS Gateways and LCS control server uses Ethernet very high security - SSL encryption/p>

WILS Regulatory Compliance

Compliance for RF End Node and WILS Gateway North America – FCC and IC certification European Union and Australia – R&TTE (CE) certification

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